John Dexter Jones

We are your friends. We are the mirror held up to your lives. We are

John Dexter Jones-vocals Steven Rundle-guitar and vocals Stephen Hayes-guitar and backing vocals
John Dexter Jones-vocals
Steven Rundle-guitar and vocals
Stephen Hayes-guitar and backing vocals


storytellers, but not story writers or essay. If you need e.g a great law essay just go to We

just sing and play. There is nothing else to this.

No agony. You will not find our hearts bleeding on a lonely road or our souls bared in the cyber scrum. Our songs speak our mind. The commuters and the computers and the quarrymen and the deserters and the dreamers and the trapped and free and the faded and the sad and the cheated.They live here with us.

We became a band because people asked us to become a band. We worked informally

together on some support slots with excellent muscians such as Mdge Ure, Sam Brown and Arthur Brown and the response of the people was to ask us for recordings of the simple acoustic songs we’d played. This kept happening…so we recorded the songs and here we are. If you wish to see or hear us then feel free to buy a CD or come to a concert. Each of us is involved with other musical projects and should you be interested in these then you may trace your own path on your own initiative to find them.




Tour Dates

date tbc ,venue tbc, Towcester

28th May 2010  Stage 2 at The Stables,Milton Keynes.

(excellent gig feat. members of JUMP on keys,bass and percussion)





After a busy first half of 2009 we were pretty quiet after our slot at Hobble on the Cobbles in Aylesbury,although we did manage to play a couple of supports with Katie Buckhaven,one with the rock band Panic Room and another in the main theatre at The Stables in Milton Keynes with the wonderful blues guitarist Aynsley Lister. As a result of these shows we have been invited to Stage 2 in May this year(the smaller venue at The Stables) where we hope (with your help) to sell out and secure a headline in the main room.


Those familiar with some of our other projects will know that JUMP will be pretty busy with an album and 20th anniversary tour (involving all three of us!)and young Steven twin is producing a show at Ashlyns in Berkhamstead in March however we are now arranging some other trio gigs so keep an eye on the tour dates on this site.


I know that this site goes quiet for periods but please keep a check on things and I’ll do my utmost to update everything as regularly as necessary and possible!


best wishes